Body Intuition

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An overworked body that is not properly fed begins to get agitated, agitation causes stress, stress and inadequate food causes hormonal imbalance, which in turn has an impact on your mental and physical harmony, making you prone to mistakes that may add up to your existing aggravation.

You exercise your brain, considering the same old thoughts and surrounding yourself with the same limitations. You try to do the same things in a different sequence: slower, faster, partially, but the effect is always the same, if not worse.

This good body of yours is now sick and aching, you are depressed, tired and powerless, thinking that there is no way out. If only you would listen to your body as it was gently sending you signals by slowing you down with sleepiness or tiredness, and then, more aggressively, with pain and true physical discomfort, informing you that there is a trouble, then you would be able to correct it at the cause.

Your body is very clever and knows exactly what is going wrong and if you would tune into it, you would know what to do. Your body contains your history; every chapter, line and verse of every event in your life. As your life unfolds, your biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears. The experiences that make up your life become your biology, thus governing your body’s health.

Don’t live in the box, become a box; flexible to change as your external stimulation and your thinking evolves.

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