Communication Power

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Is your body saying what your mouth is? Is your energy in harmony with the message you deliver?

Quite often you are wondering why you are not understood; why the response you got did not meet your expectations. In the first few moments of any meeting, you connect with a person’s instincts and their “hard-wired” responses. On occasion you would not even exchange any words, but would form an attitude toward the individual that will overpower your logic. Sometimes you try to make your feeling disappear because you are afraid or surprised by it. Those feelings are as real as the ones you form after knowing someone for a while.

We communicate with the body movements, brain logic, the energy of the heart and words coming out of our mouth. Words are the least powerful communication tool. It is the feeling that stands behind them that makes them powerful.  Using skills of all of the communication elements will create perfect harmony of communication.

You will know when you are truthful because it feels good and you are understood the way you intended. Saying “I like it” and thinking “I can’t wait to get out of here” will send contradicting messages to the other and to your body, making it sweaty or jittery, in some cases even increasing your heart beat.  The 50 trillion cells of your body are functioning in purposeful harmony listening to the messages you send.

To improve the effectiveness of your communication and generate the power of your words, always move toward love and truth.

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