About the founder

Natalia Karl Tomson

I have been following the path set out for me, using meditation and an alert mind to learn and grow and follow the course I know was intended for me all along, alongside my motherhood and professional life. Now I have been advised by my guides to stay where I am until I complete what I was assigned to do - writing a series of books showing people how to awaken to the possibility of harmony and love in their life amidst the chaos of everyday living.

Since my early childhood, I knew that I could walk on water, if only I could remember how. This thought stayed with me throughout my life, and although I still cannot do it,   I now understand how it is done. Some people study life;  I just lived my life. The life filled with many experiences that motivated me to learn more and more about myself and the world in which I was living. Faced with situations with only two ways out - the dark or light exit - I managed to choose mostly light paths. I faced as many challenges as the average person, only mine were magnified through several times changing countries, the language, spouses and the understanding of God, while mostly being a single mom, I always came out as a better person.

This is why after successfully completing the journey from my birth to independence, to motherhood ( I believe motherhood never ends) and a corporate career, I am compelled to share with others what I have learned, as this knowledge becomes even more important in this time of accelerated energy.

Most of my life I was driven by the ego to be better then the other, isolating myself to the small population if any. It was a lonely ride. My own family would not pay much attention to me after my brother claimed their focus when, at the age of three he became very sick, resulting in a learning delay.

All of my family was focused on helping him, leaving me on my own, claiming, “She is doing fine.” I craved attention to the point that at the age of 7, I decided not to return home after school to see if any one would miss me. They found me 4 hours later in the school basement doing my homework. Yes, carrying on with my duties to a fault, all of my life.

I spend most of my life “prostituting” myself for attention. In my relationships with men and in my professional life, I would put in long hours as proof that I am good at what I do. Depression and physical pain would accompany me on and off, body weight would fluctuate, but the incapacitating migraines which would only leave me for a few days a month, made most of my life, since the age of 12, focused on managing the pain. Life events were pressing upon me to find the reasons behind “why do I want what I want”. I was ahead of the pack as I knew why I was doing these things - to get attention - but why?

Self worth was my big challenge. My grandfather instilled in me when I was a teenage girl, “Natalia must like Natalia, because if she doesn’t no one else will.” He died when I was 16 and I always thought this was a very selfish statement but he made me repeat it so many times I could never forget it. Many year later, I was in the park teaching my younger son to ride a two-wheeler bicycle. I had a fever, and was getting worn. I collapsed on a bench beside an elderly gentleman. He took one look at me and declared that I looked sick. I agreed, I was, but the children came first, especially on the weekend. "You need to take care of yourself; if you won’t no one else will," he said. I looked so surprised that he asked if he had offended me. I told him about my grandfather and that I thought it was a very selfish approach to life.
Then he asked me, " Would you like someone else to take care of your children if you die?"

This was the time when I decided that there is no difference who comes first - we are all equal. Attention goes where it is the most needed - that’s it! Upon my second divorce, when I said that I have understood all that is there to know about the relationship and now I need to meet the man to prove this, a friend of mine asked me, “Why do you need the man to prove that you are a good, loving person?”
This was when I decided that maybe I should get back to discovering how I can love myself and “start walking on the water”, meaning take the time, focusing on the science of the human being and the mind that drives it; to improve the mind's ability to create extraordinary results with less effort.  

I have never looked back on anything the same way since. Every event has a purpose, sometimes you just do not see it right away. Life is the game of experiences and how we play it is up to us. We always have a choice. Moving your conscious awareness around the spectrum of your existence, not only narrowing the focus on any given event, will allow you to distinguish between truth and deceit and will allow you to connect and view the experiences as an observer without negative or positive connotation. Simply as IS.

The conscious thought is a powerful force. Each and every decision presents  possibilities to choose from; what you choose is up to you. When your mind is clear and your body operates at optimum health, it is much easier to focus on a reality, the reality you want. You are not stuck in or destined to the doomsday version of reality, you just do not see your choices. Let me help you to see your choices.

With love and gratitude to all of you, my teachers

With Gratitude