About You & Us

You - The reader, the member the passing by person.

Yes, you are a very important entity in this world. You are the world. Without you there would be no world as we know it.
We would like to congratulate you for stopping by. The choices you make in this physical reality are based on what you believe is possible, so if you stopped here by choice it could mean that you are ready to examine your belief system.

You are born with the multitude of abilities, yet many of them are blocked by our cultural cultivated belief system when you are still a child, suppressing development of neural pathways to support these abilities. Does your beliefs serve your life and enhance your well being? Please understand that beliefs are thoughts you hold within your imagination - consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously. Thoughts are real and they have a life of their own once you create them. Your thoughts create the world you meet every day. We are glad you have a courage to see your world differently.

Us - The Organization

Spiritual Mind emphasis is on providing guidance to help individuals in promoting their own longevity, human potential and success, while increasing awareness, personal balance, happiness and fulfillment. We aim to show people how to awaken to the possibility of harmony and love in their life, in the chaos of everyday living.

Through presenting the ideas, information and techniques from a variety of reliable sources, we assist you in finding your own path, in the way that you can relate to information from the present place of your development.

We provide support and guidance while you incorporate understanding and renewal of the chosen principles into your daily life. Choose what resonates as true with your independent, individual view of life as you know it now, and we will provide you with inspiration and support as we share our knowledge and programs to increase the impact of your efforts to create positive personal and global change.

Our main goal is to empower your ability to navigate through global changes with less stress and more ease.

This is an extraordinary time; we are at the crossroads of change and must move toward the healing of ourselves and our planet. Many people are feeling a strong desire to change their present and future conditions and are looking for ways to use their heart, spirit-aligned wisdom and care to make a meaningful difference. We are here to assist you in whatever way you choose, because there always is a choice.

With love and gratitude,

Spiritual Mind Team.

We provide books, seminars, group coaching and personal coaching. Please check our Product and Services section for details.


Natalia Karl Tomson
I have been an effectiveness and efficiency specialist for last 20 years. I was bringing people, process and technology to the common denominator, to advance a specified direction or an outcome.

I am, at heart, an engineer. How I look at an opportunity, how I manage projects and how I build systems, uses an engineering perspective. I was planning to complete my electrical engineering degree, but after getting married early in life, pregnancy soon encouraged economy over physics. Many other "planned" paths had to change due to unforeseen or unplanned circumstances. This is why, after completing my corporate "professional-hood", I am compelled to share with others what I have learned as I have lived my life, facing never-ending experiences which threw me off of my planned path every step of the way. The knowledge I gathered has become even more important in this time of accelerated energy and time of change. 

With love and gratitude to all of you, my teachers.

Thank you


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