If you had: no name, no profession, no particular appearance, no address, no age or gender, how would you describe yourself?

You are an emotional charge that you have stored through the experiences you have lived. Are you mostly love or hate? Do you spend more time in the past regretting something, or in the future worrying about something that has not happened yet? Do you know that you are free to remember, with no effect on the emotion? If the event still creates strong emotion today, it means that it takes an energy from you. It happens every time you regret or worry. Energy seeps a bit every time you live through an event again and again and again...

Would you like to look at your life and be able to say, “This was a powerful movie, it made me think about me”? Moving your conscious awareness around the spectrum of your existence in each experience, not only narrows the focus on any given event, but it will allow you to distinguish between truth and deceit and will allow you to connect and view the experiences as an observer, without negative or positive connotation. Like a good action movie, it just IS.

You always have a choice. Sometimes you just forget about it. You are not what someone else thinks about you, you are the best you can be today. Tomorrow, you will be different. Measuring up to somebody else is only as good as setting a direction, but choosing the path belongs to you. You are your own master, and if you need a friend to remind you that you always have a choice, come along and see how you can become best friends with yourself.