“If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things." Descartes

Life, reality, consciousness, self...Kant called it the "thing-in-itself", Schopenhauer called it “the will” and both believed that a metaphysical existence controls not only the actions of an individual, but ultimately all observable phenomena, providing us with an experience that is possible due to the function of the faculty of consciousness.

Our history of existence was sown thousands of years ago when we made the leap to self-awareness, and consciousness became conscious of itself. Do not attempt to equate language abilities and consciousness; instead, think again. There are speechless humans (infants, feral children, aphasics, autistics), to whom consciousness is attributed, despite language lost or not yet acquired.

Who is talking in your head? What do you really see? Your eyes are sensitive only to the narrow light frequency and detect none of the others. Your image of reality represents only what you see and sense. What is in the frequencies outside of your range?

“What we take to be reality is just the particular way the human mind sees and interprets the physical world.” Peter Russell

What club do you belong to? The one that believes in the reality of the material world or the one that thinks it is an illusion? The one that believes in the existence of individual souls or the one in which we are all one? Do you believe in the reports of Planet X, or question them? Are you familiar with alien interactions with humans, or have you related this to the Hollywood phantom? What is real for you?