Emotional Intelligence

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“The key to understanding our emotions is not in the brain but in the heart”. Howard Martin
Every thought you have activates a physiological response. Some thoughts, such as a fearful one, cause a tense reaction throughout your body; while a loving thought can relax your entire body. Your body reflects your inner thoughts and beliefs as much as it reflects your physical environment (think passive smoking or being in a room full of angry people).

Your emotional intelligence corresponds to feeling, not intellectual thinking. It is your “gut feeling” or the “heart feeling” that is the seat of your emotional base and is viewed as the true point of power. If you act from this center, others respond to you more openly. If you respect wisdom and the power of forgiveness and are loving without judgment, your life will become filled with compassion, creativity and fun.

If you misuse the power of emotion, it can turn into controlling others through envy and jealousy or you become clingy, needy and love with conditions. Did you ever start doing something and thought ...it does not feel right? This on-going confusion between your logic and emotion centers quite often will set you into an internal war.

The confusing thoughts are the result of beliefs which have been programmed into you, but are not of your essence. By becoming aware and able to distinguish between your logic and emotion generated thoughts, you become more aware and can put more value on your inner voice. Never question your feelings, instead QUESTION YOUR KNOWLEDGE. To make it more manageable, label your feelings and they will move from the unknown to the known, making it less scary and more approachable.

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