Knowledge Perception

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“Man is the measure of all things” Protagoras
Your perception is true to you, for any object, at any moment you observe in your reality. In practical terms, the wind could feel chilly for you, while for another, it would not. Both statements will be true, according to the person perceiving it.

René Descartes arrived at only a single principle: thought exists. “I think therefore I exist“. The simple meaning of the phrase is that if one is skeptical of existence, that is in and of itself proof that one does exist.

Every day, science delivers “new” evidence, changing the view of things. Black holes, for example, used to be empty spaces; today science says they are fully developed stars surrounded with high density black matter preventing light ray emission.

Our time recognizes three parts to knowledge:
Justified - could be included in the beliefs one already holds
True  - If it is raining, then I will believe it.
Belief - the truth of the world.
Based on the above points, knowledge belongs to justified true beliefs that respond to the truth of the world at any given time, subject to change as any of the three factors change.

Clarity of your perception, not your current knowledge, is your true wisdom. Open yourself to the possibilities instead of the limitations.

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