Relationships Clarity

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The human tribe has become a society of strangers. Our social system does not aim at restoring friendship or harmony, but promotes further separation, facilitating a system in which we all continue as strangers. Our parents and guardians are adding to this by sheltering us from interactions with “undesired”, so we rein in most of our interaction to just words. In this very reason and logic driven world, we are only as human as our language. We establish relationships using words. You say, “I love you”, “I love my job”, “I hate my house”, or “I don’t care what my husband does...”, but a relationship is a union that is created to make something better, that it could not been done without, and  thus requires something more than words - it requires FEELING. Feeling is one of the deepest levels of reality.

You measure yourself up against the others and/or your own distant goals and if you are not where you think you should be, you declare this a failure and spend the time being upset about it. This means being upset with “I” that did not deliver to the “I” and the “I” stands there like a scolded child that did its best, but it did not measure up to the standards you imposed on it. You do not appreciate the effort and emotions that the “I” put in.

So...if you do not know how to have an honest, loving relationship with yourself, in which you love yourself the way you are, how can you sustain it with someone or something else? Relationships don't have problems – people do!

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